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Welcome to the squish.net dns checker... This is a free web-based service for DNS experts. Given a record name, and a record type, you will receive a report detailing all possible answers. This is accomplished by traversing the DNS tree from the root examining all possible routes that a client could travel, calculating percentage probabilities on the way. Note that this service does not consider your local cache, which may have information that is in conflict with the Internet DNS tree. You must select the correct record type!

Please enter the dns entry you wish to check below and enter the corresponding DNS record type to check for:

Show root server workings, Ask local server for initial root (normally uses a.root-servers.net)
Remove broken root servers from analysis
Indirect through CNAMEs encountered
Show main workings, and show resolving of referrals
Show all servers encountered, and display BIND versions
Retries (exponential delay), Maximum query depth

This process can take a few minutes - be patient!

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james at squish dot net