Lots of people kept asking for usermeta/userextra for WordPress 2.0. I’ve now updated both of them.

The only snag was that for people using usermeta for WP 1.5, if they upgrade without reading the upgrade guide, it will completely break their system. Moral of the story – always take backups of your database before upgrading.

Not that I did that. I upgraded without taking a backup. Stupid me. But thankfully nobody users my web site 😉

Oh yeah, in other news, I’ve modified the CSS of this site to work with the latest Firefox. I don’t think the old CSS was wrong, but Firefox hated it.

96 thoughts on “userextra-goes-wp2.0

  1. Is there still a WP1.5.2 compatible version of usermeta plugin available? When I downloaded the newest version, Activated it and tried to Create usermeta tables, I got the following error:

    “WordPress database error: [Key column ‘meta_id’ doesn’t exist in table]
    CREATE TABLE wp_usermeta ( umeta_id bigint(20) NOT NULL auto_increment, user_id bigint(20) NOT NULL default ‘0’, meta_key varchar(255) default NULL, meta_value longtext, PRIMARY KEY (meta_id), KEY user_id (user_id), KEY meta_key (meta_key) ) TYPE=MyISAM”

    How to correct the situation?

  2. i’ve tried to install userextra… a permanently got the following message:

    WordPress database error: [Key column ‘meta_id’ doesn’t exist in table]
    ALTER TABLE wp_usermeta ADD PRIMARY KEY (meta_id)

    is this an known problem? and if so, is there a known answer?

    greetings from gereby

  3. Hi,

    Looking forward to using this plugin – I’ve installed both and it seems to work except I’m not getting the “Your Extended Profile” page. I get the other (Usermeta, Userextra) options pages though. I’m using WP 2.0.1

  4. Ok – sorry for my last comment. I realized my mistake.

    A couple other questions:
    – Is there an easy way to lock all categories? Rather then typing each of their names (i have a lot and as more get added I’d like them to be locked by default).
    – When allowing access to locked categories for users, how would I make it so it unlocking a category (by putting in it’s name to category_allow) would also unlock all Child categories as well?..without having to type in all child categories.

    Thanks in advance !

  5. I just installed your plugin, but after I activate it and try to go to the “Options” screen to create/update the usermeta tables, I get the following:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: load_plugin_textdomain() in usermeta.php on line 393

    any help would be appreciated


  6. Is there a “userreport” plugin already in the works?

    Now that we have populated our database with useful, additional information it would be very cool to make some easy reports as well… 🙂

  7. I tried installing your plugin, but I get the following:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: load_plugin_textdomain() in usermeta.php on line 393

    can you help? thanks

  8. never mind…apparently I thought I had WP version 2.0, but I didn’t. I reinstalled WP and now it works…sort of.

    I am having problems restricting access to specific categories.

    I have about 6 users and only want to allow them to post in the category that is their name.

    I have a category called students, and then each person’s name is a sub-category. When I tried to restrict access, it eliminates everyone’s category from the posting screen except for the first one (no matter who I log in as).

    Is this confusing? If not, please offer a suggestion.


  9. Great that you made the new version for WP 2.0. But whenever I activate (one of) the plugins, the whole page isn’t shown anymore in Firefox 1.5. Crazy but true…

  10. hi, your plugin seems potentially very good, the only problem is that I can’t figure out for the life of me how to include fields in my author.php template, the instructions just don’t seem to be clear enough, well for me anyway.
    Could you please give some more detailed instructions on how to go about showing fields in author.php template


  11. I’m getting a nice PHP error from userextra:

    Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/user/public_html/wp-content/plugins/userextra.php on line 662

    I’m trying to investigate why this is happening.

  12. I’m trying to set the ‘List of category names not visable by default’ list. I’m entering the category names, separated by commas, both with and without a space inbetween. Is this correct? Or should I enter something else?

  13. Should I enter the category ID, the category’s name as entered when creating the category, or the slug name?
    Should I set posts to be private?
    Is there a user level that must be applied?
    Is any of this making sense?

  14. Now I’m coming up with this when I try to view the blog:
    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /homepages/34/d153518108/htdocs/blog/wp-content/plugins/Userextra.php on line 662
    What could I be doing wrong? Could it be some other settings? Conflicting plugins? Something else?

  15. Thanks for the excellent plugin, I really appreciate it.

    As the plugin is right now, it has the following feature: Say you have a locked category ‘Private’ and another general (unlocked) category ‘Foo.’ If your adjudication style is set for “any permit”, and if you apply both categories to the post it will be visable to anyone.

    I’m not sure if this was intentional, but since I wanted to apply generic categories to posts that were also private I made the followin edit in userextra.php starting on line 630:

    foreach ($post_cats as $post_cat) {
    $name = get_cat_name($post_cat);
    if (in_array($name, $locked_a) || (in_array($name, $deny_a)))
    if (in_array($name, $allow_a)) {
    $seen_allow = true;
    } else {
    $seen_deny = true;

  16. Thanks for great your plugin !
    I plan to use it for access control on category with K2 theme and livesearch integrated plugin. An error is raised about foreach() in userextra.php on line 662, as someone already found.
    I suppose that a result is found but it is in a restricted category, so the $posts array is empty.
    A workaround (I’m testing it) could be :
    if (($user_level == 10) || (count($posts) == 0))

    Hope it helps.

  17. I made the following edit to userextra.php, Line 657 (function filter_posts)
    This should combat those line 662 errors for invalid foreach arguements.

    function filter_posts($posts) {
    global $user_level;
    if ($user_level == 10)
    return $posts;

    $ok = array();
    // Check for array
    if(!is_array($posts)) { // No array passed
    if ($this->is_current_user_allowed($posts))
    $ok[] = $post;
    } else { // We have an array
    foreach ($posts as $post) {
    if ($this->is_current_user_allowed($post))
    $ok[] = $post;
    return $ok;

  18. And everyone, please remember not to put any empty lines before or after the tags of the plug-ins. That caused the DOCTYPE declaration to go down two lines in my setup after which Firefox just showed an empty page with no source. Now it works fine.

  19. If you want your category lists cleaned from the non-visible categories, add this function to the userextra.php:

    function filter_category($exclusions) {
    global $user_ID;
    if ($user_level == 10)
    return $exclusions;

    $locked = get_settings(‘userextra_lockedcategories_view’);
    $locked_a = $this->options_split($locked);
    $allow = $this->usermeta->get($user_ID, “categories_allow”, true);
    $allow_a = $this->options_split($allow);
    $deny = $this->usermeta->get($user_ID, “categories_deny”, true);
    $deny_a = $this->options_split($deny);
    $exclusions .= ” AND (cat_name IN (‘”. implode(“‘,'”, $allow_a) .”‘) OR cat_name NOT IN (‘”. implode(“‘,'”, $locked_a) .”‘) AND cat_name NOT IN (‘”. implode(“‘,'”, $deny_a) .”‘)) “;
    return $exclusions;

    Then, at the very bottom add this:

    add_filter(‘list_cats_exclusions’, array(&$userextra, ‘filter_category’));

    Please note that this does not work with the “Any Permit” option.

  20. Great Plug-in. solved two things I wanted at once. I didn’t even know about the one with limiting authors to certain categories. I have a problem with this though. There seems to be a bug. I have a categorie with child elements. When I try to limit a user to just one of these childs he still has the right to use the first child as long as I don’t deny use of the mother categorie. I hope this is more or lesse clear…

  21. Maybe I’m missing something but where the heck is the 0.4 version.
    I see only the 0.3 even though you mention having uploaded a 0.4 version that fixes errors.

  22. I uploaded the usermeta.php file. When i try to activate the plugin, i get the following error:

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/****/****.com/wp-content/plugins/usermeta.php:2) in /home/****/****.com/wp-admin/plugins.php on line 16

    I’m not sure whats going on??

  23. Hey ,
    I got a small issue .
    I’m trying to create a function that uses the usermeta plugin hack ,

    $usermeta->set($user_ID, “usertable”, $ratevalue);

    All works fine , it creates the usertable and fills it with the $ratevalue value… But it fills the user_id field with the current logged user that clicked the button , I want it to fill the user_id with the POST AUTHOR id and not the current logged user .

    I have tried using the get_author_id or author_id with no success .

    Anyone got an answer ?

  24. I’m interested in extending this to make ‘user viewable’ fields of data … editable by the admin/priv’d user, but viewable by the user.

    Anyone else interested or working on something in that vein already?

  25. after installing this plugin and usermeta.php I don’t see them in my plugins page 🙁 Using WP2. All other installed plugins come up fine. Have tried to disable them but no dice. Any ideas?

  26. I am not sure if this is possible, but could this script be merged onto the User/Your Profile tab instead of on an extra tab in the Dashboard? Another suggestion that would be very beneficial is to create a second checkbox column indicating if the field is mandatory. Error pages would need to be referenced though.

    I do love this script. Great job on the 2.0 version.

  27. Hi there, I love this script. I was wondering about three options you might consider adding.

    1) the capability to put the extra info on the main user info tab instead of second or third in some cases, tab.

    2) allowing people to move fields up or down with a one click feature instead of going in and editing the php file by hand to reorder. (I havent tried the by hand method yet but will probably do so this weekend) If it doesnt work, we are relegated to deleting and reentering the fields to reorder them

    3) An optional checkbox for each added field which makes the information mandatory. This may require being tied to the main wp-login.php and wp-register.php so I am not sure how it would be implemented, but it gives the programmer great utilization for adding mandatory fields like address, phone number, etc. for those organizations that want more info in order to register with the site.

    I hope you dont find the suggestions offensive. Just some things that have come up with an alternate site I manage that could use these features.

  28. Usayd – I’ve installed WP 2.0.2 on a test installation and can’t immediately see anything wrong. What do you see?


  29. Hi there.
    I really like the plugins. Adds a lot of small things i’d always liked to use managed, now i can!
    I only have the trouble with my feeds. Somehow the plugins cause the feed-output to be in text/html which causes a wrong interpretation in browsers etc.
    I am running the latest wordpress 2.0.2.

    Do you have a solution to this ?

  30. I’m also trying to install usermeta/userextra on a fresh WP 2.0.2 – same problem here, plugins simply aren’t displayed at the Plugin Management page…

  31. First of all I would like to add my note of thanks for a GREAT plug-in. It took me a while to get it working the way I need it to but that was mainly down to me having a ‘slow-brain-day’ :S

    I will be setting up WordPress in conjunction with the UserExtra plugin at work so that each head of department can only post to the blog for their department (i.e. a category named after their own department). Because I know they are lazy / forgettful / stupid (please delete as applicable) I know at some point someone will forget to click on the checkbox that assigns the post to their category. Even though they can only see their own category, if they forget to do this the post will be published in the default category.

    Is there any way of having the box checked when they log in?

    Hope this makes sense.

    Thanks in advance.


  32. Hi squish,
    We are having troubles:
    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /.../wp-content/plugins/userextra.php on line 662

    We suspect that it might have to do with the fact that some of our categories are with accents (it’s a site in Spanish). Is there a way to avoid this problem without removing the accents to the categories?

    Thanks indeed!

  33. hi.
    i think this is a great plugin as well. something alot of people need.

    however i’m getting alot of “Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers” errors after activating both of the required plugins.

    at first i tried to ignore them, but they would come up at strange times. like when i was trying to log out, and when i first activated them (like the problem decribed by jason at comment #28)

    so i hat eto deactivate. just to let you know about the errors. if you want the exact error messages, i’d be more than happy to recreate the erros and post them.


  34. Had an interesting issue with 0.3 – the whole blog wasn’t showing up when users were logged in, even pages. commenting out the

    add_filter(‘the_posts’, array(&$userextra, ‘filter_posts’));

    line fixed this.

    One other bug – if the default category is Denied, and no category is chosen, posts will still go into the default category.

  35. I managed to figure this out (creating options lists) but now have a problem where an error message displays on viewing any falbum photos, if the user viewing the site is NOT logged in, they get an error message that relates to line 662 in the userextra.php file in plugins. The message reads like this:
    “Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/.begonia/webmaggie/ on line 662”

    here are the steps that cause this to happen:

    1) navigate to (you have to register to test this)
    2) click on one of the thumbnails in the right column

    results: if you are logged in, you will just see the photo, no error message at the top of the page (dark gray on the blue background) and the page won’t be messed up.
    Else: if you are NOT logged in, when you click the photo, that error message shows at the top of the page and the layout gets messed up.

    If you are registered, you can test both logged in and out (to login or out, there’s a form and links at the bottom of the right column)

    Could you PLEASE respond to my post here? Is there somewhere else that someone is listening? (you?) I’d like to continue to use this plugin, but I cannot have it interact with falbum in a negative manner just because someone isn’t logged in.


  36. OK, I isolated the problem and commented out line#766
    /*add_filter(‘the_posts’, array(&$userextra, ‘filter_posts’));*/)
    and it seems to prevent any error from not being logged in, which seems to trigger line#662

  37. I’ve successfully installed the Usermeta and Userextra plugins, set up fields in the Extended Profile for User addresses, phone numbers etc, and even included a checkbox stating whether they want a newsletter or not like in the screenshot.

    My question is now: how do I get the database to export a list of all the addresses of users who want the newsletter?

    I tried asking in the WP forum, but nobody has responded.

  38. Thanks squish, I think I get the idea.

    Ari’s suggestion about a “UserReport” plugin would sure be useful for me.

    Another question, is there any way for the admin to edit a user’s extended profile via the WP interface?

  39. Hi,

    I get a “Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by […]”. I’ve seen this error with other plugins as well. Usually that’s enough to drop it, but I really like to use this plugin. It seems to work (adding extra fields and so on), but turning the plugin on generates the above mentioned error (one time only). Loging in/off also generates this error. Any ideas?

  40. Never mind 😐 There was an extra line at the beginning of userextra.php – I removed the line at the end but overlooked the first line. Thanks for a wonderful plugin!

  41. Okay…I want to ask a simple (probably idiot) ?s. I’m so close to having a lightbulb appear above my head, so bear with me…

    Using this plugin, and by adding the metadata tagged to the user, Let’s say I wanted to drop-in my users First Name (firstname) and Last Name (lastname) into the header…assuming they are logged in and I’ve created a space and value for the user at wp-admin/edit.php?page=userextra.php

    How do I tag it so the metadata can show up in the header.php?

    How can I use this information to steer the user a more personalized navigation with a link?

    LInk to your city info

    Please help me figure this out, It would be SOOOO cool to do this!

    Thanks for the pluggin!

  42. I don’t understand what Unanimous Permit/Any Permit means and what the difference is between them.

    Would someone mind helping me with my simple mind?

  43. I also cannot get the plugin to appear on the plug-ins page in 2.0.3.

    It look like this version requires plugin header information. If you manually add it, the plug-in will then appear on the plug-ins page. HOWEVER if you try to activate it things completely freak out.

    I’m not a plug-in developer at all, but it looks to me like they changed the format in which plug-ins must be written after version 2.0.2 or so.

    Just some ideas – hope they help!

  44. A fantastic plugin. Yet the impossibility of using apostrophes (as in “Suzy’s Section”) — backslashes cumulated — and commas (as in “Plain, old category”) is an issue. I will try to find my way through the code, but thought I’d mention.

  45. First, let me say, I’m very new to php/wordpress/mysql, but I’m having issues activating the plugin.

    I’m running WP 2.0.2 on a local and remote server. I’m unable to activate (screen goes blank, blog is completely down) usermeta on my local machine (mysql 5.0.21), but I am able to activate on the remote machine (mysql 4.1.20). the mysql version is the only variable. the site is mirrored and the database is replicated. Could mysql be the problem? Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. I would love to get this working. Thanks – frank

  46. I’ve got this all installed and working fine, first time out of the box. Here’s my dilemma – I’ve defined extra fields for users, but I’d really like them to be able to fill them in as part of the registration process, rather than have to go back and edit them after they get their password mailed to them.

    Is there an easy way for me to accomplish this?

  47. James this is a great plugin – especially for community/membership sites. Is there any chance you could add an image field and upload facility? I run a membership site and want to enable users to upload their photo for others to see – alongside their extended text-based user information.

  48. Simple instant fix for line 662 errors:
    1. open userextra.php
    2. go to line 657 which is "function filter_posts($posts) {"
    3. add this line right after (new line 663)
    if(!is_array($posts)) {return;}

    then when there is a 404 ie. bad category, no search results, etc. it returns the null arrary right back to the loop

  49. I second Mr. Ambler’s comment. It would be nice to have the extra fields presented to the user during the registration process. Most users will not go back and edit their personal information once they have registered.

    If presenting the extra fields during the initial registration process is possible, the next ideal option would be to set fields to be required or optional. Users will typically fill out only what is required, unless there is a compelling reason to do otherwise.

  50. Dear James,

    Do you have a version of this that works with 2.0.4 … please …. if you’re out there… it would be very helpful….. and, i would glady donate $ if there were a working one ….
    thank you

  51. I have to report something strange, I hope the author of the plugin will respond.

    So, Userextra is so useful that that I wanted to use it twice, separating some functions and making a better look in general. Just to try out a crazy idea I opened both userextra.php and usermeta.php files and using TextPad replaced all instances of userextra and usermeta with userextra2 and usermeta2 respectively (all instances, didn’t check at all, since I wouldn’t get it anyhow). Then I changed filenames accordingly and uploaded as if they were new plugins.

    The result was that BOTH the userextra installations worked!! I don’t know, I find this rather amazing. So in the end there were two tables in the database (which I anticipated) but the function names didn’t get mixed up either as far as I can see. I did little checking, but seems to record new rows and remember them too. I also changed their titles in the Admin Tab so they are not both called Your Extended Profile anymore.

    My question to James is A) is it normal that it works like this? and B) will this come back to haunt me when my tables are full of valuable data?

    I am really curious.

  52. Hi James
    I have managed to install both usermeta and userextra and they have been activated through the control panel. Only thing is now, I havn’t a clue what to do next. I am going to try and work everything out myself but my techie knowledge limit so far is being able to add and activate various plugins to my new blog.
    I just want to create a user list (when I have some)and make it clickable for more information. Any help much appreciated.

  53. Fabulous! One quick questions/feedback: I’ve set up an option list item for selection of country, but the input field in the backend has a max of characters? I only can paste/type until i get to Laos at the moment 🙂

  54. Not sure if there are plans to update this but I’ve found a bug, I think.

    I made the Default Category non visible by default, for everyone. Then, if you are not logged in you can’t see any Pages. (the loop doesn’t retrieve anything).

    If you are logged in, even if the default category is still locked for you, you CAN see pages. It’s only when you are not logged in.

  55. having the same issue as hiddenson (i think)

    THE PROBLEM: categories that a user is denied from posting to (i want them to still be able to read them) still show up as options on post.php.

    i use role-manager, is that the problem?
    (i tried deactivationg role-manager, but it left the roles intact and i didn’t want to confuse my databases so i turned it back on without further testing)

    i tried the code in #24 and#25 it didn’t cause any problems but it didn’t have any effect.

    thanks in advance,

  56. plugin works perfectly. thank you!
    i would also like to set one category, where everybody could edit all posts, kind of like a wiki. what modifications would have to be made to userextra.php to make this happen?

  57. hei! thank you for the plugin! i will use the extra-fields on the author.php-side. what is to do? i dont get output of the extra-fields.

    Thank´s a lot!

  58. Such a great plugin. But what is wrong with the category list in the sidebar? I just see all the categories that are blocked and i don’t want to see them. I saw a lot of comments about it but not a real sollution. If there’s one please let me know.

  59. Hey y’all,

    nice plugin you have here! I just got one question, can anybody construct a php code to do the following:
    In my comments.php I want a particular field from the Extended profile form added next to the users name, but only when that user filled the field on his profile. So basically its like the comment_author_link, but for an extended field.

    Can anybody help me?

  60. Hey y’all,

    nice plugin you have here! I just got one question, can anybody construct a php code to do the following:
    In my comments.php I want a particular field from the Extended profile form added next to the users name, but only when that user filled the field on his profile. So basically its like the comment_author_link, but for an extended field.

    Can anybody help me?

  61. Good plugins!
    But.. I add this function in Userextra class for disable category checkbox with javascript:

    function write_js_for_disable(){
    global $user_ID;

    function disablewjs(){
    $allow = $this->usermeta->get($user_ID, “categories_allow”, true);
    $allow_a = $this->options_split($allow);
    $deny = $this->usermeta->get($user_ID, “categories_deny”, true);
    $deny_a = $this->options_split($deny);


    foreach ($all as $catid) {
    $name = get_catname($catid);
    if (!in_array($name, $allow_a) &&
    (in_array($name, $locked_a) || in_array($name, $deny_a))) {
    if (document.getElementById(‘in-category-‘)) document.getElementById(‘in-category-‘).disabled=true;


  62. Good plugins!
    But.. I add this function in Userextra class for disable category checkbox with javascript:

    function write_js_for_disable(){
    global $user_ID;

    function disablewjs(){
    $allow = $this->usermeta->get($user_ID, “categories_allow”, true);
    $allow_a = $this->options_split($allow);
    $deny = $this->usermeta->get($user_ID, “categories_deny”, true);
    $deny_a = $this->options_split($deny);
    foreach ($all as $catid) {
    $name = get_catname($catid);
    if (!in_array($name, $allow_a) && (in_array($name, $locked_a) || in_array($name, $deny_a))) {?>
    if (document.getElementById(‘in-category-‘)) document.getElementById(‘in-category-‘).disabled=true;


  63. Good plugins!
    But.. I add this function in Userextra class for disable category checkbox with javascript:
    function write_js_for_disable(){
    global $user_ID;?>
    function disablewjs(){
    $allow = $this->usermeta->get($user_ID, “categories_allow”, true);
    $allow_a = $this->options_split($allow);
    $deny = $this->usermeta->get($user_ID, “categories_deny”, true);
    $deny_a = $this->options_split($deny);
    foreach ($all as $catid) {
    $name = get_catname($catid);
    if (!in_array($name, $allow_a) && (in_array($name, $locked_a) || in_array($name, $deny_a))) {?>
    if (document.getElementById(‘in-category-‘)) document.getElementById(‘in-category-‘).disabled=true; }

  64. Uff.. Sorry for many post… the end is:

    Then I add this line at end of file:
    add_filter(‘admin_head’, array(&$userextra, ‘write_js_for_disable’));


  65. Just a small problem with the sidebar stuff.
    I’m using the theme Andreas04 (

    And I’ve applied Stefan’s modification in comment #24/25
    to remove anything in categories_deny from the categories section, but I can’t figure out how to remove posts from the Recent section.

    Looking at the theme it does
    to get the actual posts.
    I figure it needs a filter like Stefans so that get_archives doesn’t return anything it shouldn’t.

    Running WordPress 2.1.2, usermeta 0.4 and userextra 0.3

  66. Pretend I have no idea what you’re talking about. I have installed and activated usermeta and userextra. I am using Get Author Profile for author.php profiles.

    How do I make it display the new fields? Just copy and past the code for me, please! With something like “NAME OF FIELD HERE” and whatever … 🙁

  67. Hi, great plug-in. I use it to make a user profiles page.

    I have one problem. Only the admin can edit the extended user profiles. When I login as another user it says I don’t have that level of permission. So how do I change the permission of this to allow all my registered users to edit their extended profiles?

    Thanks for the help I am in dire need of this fix please.

  68. Hey JameS:

    I love the Userextra plugin. Thanks for creating it. It’s great for multi-author sites.

    Do you know of any way to execute PHP within a Userextra field?

  69. I was very excited to find this plugin and can’t wait to get it running. However, I’ve had no luck trying to get this working with wordpress 2.2. When I click on the “Activate” link on the plugin page, WP gives me the following, “Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.” Is there a known compatibility issue with this version, or does someone have this working with WP 2.2?

  70. I have just upgraded to WP 2.2 and userextra seems to function as it should. As an admin I see everything. When I logout it restricts the posts as an anonymous user, on my test data, as it should… I don’t see any errors. James

  71. A request for the next version. Could you add something like mysql_real_escape_string to escape both the $key and $value variables? The current version breaks when the user puts apostrophes in the text. (Really high on my wishlist would be the ability for admin to edit the extended user profile too.)


  72. Is there an easy way to search the results etc. So if i have 10 users with an extra field of say, ‘size’, is there any way to bring up a list of all the users that are ‘large’?


  73. Hello, I´m a begginer on WordPress. The version that I use is 2.2.2 and the host is (free)

    I had upload the usermeta and activated it. That´s OK.
    After that I set the tables on Options menu. That´s OK
    So I had upload the plugin userextra, and when I try to activate it, this message appears:
    “Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.”

    What should I do? This plugin is very important for my blog project!

    Fabio Bianchi

  74. I’ve installed the plugin (WP 2.2.3) but I don’t have the “Your Extended Profile” link anywhere. I changed the “Administration level to edit extended user profiles” settings to anything from 1 to 8, but I still don’t see that tab on my Users page. I do have the “Extra User Data” tab on the Manage page, but my users are unable to edit their extended profile.
    What am I doing wrong?

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