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For changes before 0.32 please see the source distribution or cvsweb.

0.35     [CORE]    Support for Genecyst patch files / Game Genie
         [CORE]    Support for AVI uncompressed and MJPEG output
         [68000]   Re-added busy wait removal that got lost
         [SOUND]   Added configurable single-pole low-pass filter
         [CORE]    Added autoconf/automake version checks
         [VDP]     Fix FIFO busy flag (Nicholas Van Veen)
         [SOUND]   Various further endian improvements from Bastien Nocera
                   and [email protected] (Debian)
         [SOUND]   Various BSD compatibility improvements from
                   Alistair Crooks and Michael Core (NetBSD)
         [UI]      SDL Joystick support from Matthew N. Dodd (FreeBSD)
         [68000]   Do pre-decrement with two reads (Steve Snake)
         [68000]   Make TAS not write (Steve Snake) fixes Gargoyles, Ex Mutant
         [68000]   Re-write ABCD,etc based on info from Bart Trzynadlowski
         [68000]   Implement missing BTST op-code (fixes NHL Hockey 94)

0.34     [VDP]     Fix bug in vsram (Pengo)
         [VDP]     General clean up of redundant routines in source etc.
         [VDP]     Fixed column 0 vsram issue (Charles MacDonald)
         [SOUND]   Updated sound code
         [VDP]     Added support for border emulation (only gtk version uses
                   this currently)
         [SOUND]   Added support for turning off psg/fm/z80 and sound
         [SOUND]   GYM, GNM file logging added (only gtk version uses this
         [CORE]    Added welcome ROM
         [CORE]    Re-implemented save state with new block-based format
         [CORE]    Completely changed the way sound is saved
         [DOS]     Tweaked sound code to more compatible

0.33     [SOUND]   Added PSG sound generator (SN76496)!
         [SOUND]   Re-wrote all the sound files so that they have better
                   separation between Generator and the hardware
         [CONSOLE] Fixed crash if you try and reset (F12)
         [VDP]     Fixed H/V counter which somehow I broke after 0.16 (fixes
                   Sonic 3D, 3 Ninjas, Road Rash, etc. etc.)
         [VDP]     Implemented Charles MacDonald's h/v size of 2 (repeat every
                   row) for his test carts
         [VDP]     Implemented VDP window bug (thanks to Charles MacDonald
                   for his test cart)
         [VDP]     Fixed interlace mode 1 (thanks to Charles MacDonald for
                   his test cart)
         [VDP]     Added invalid HSCR support for Populus (Charles MacDonald)
         [VDP]     Fixed minor cram bug (possible segv)
         [VDP]     Fixed bug in fill operation (contra hardcorps)
         [CORE]    Re-formatted all code with indent (see file)
         [CONSOLE] Add joystick framework (thanks to Lester Barrows for
                   his code submission)
         [SVGALIB] Add joystick support
         [CONSOLE] Add multiple keyboard positions for two keyboard players
         [CONSOLE] Add -j option to control input devices for players
         [68000]   Optimised 68k writes in favour of RAM

0.32     [CONSOLE] License/save screens accidentally reset YM2612 state
         [Z80]     RAZE incorporated with simulated pending interrupts
                   (fixes a lot of sound problems in quite a number of games)
         [VDP]     Fixed bugs in the windowing code (Strider II, Ghostbusters)
         [EVENT]   Fixed *major* bugs in the event code, stops all the
                   Illegal Instruction errors in the games (oops), any game
                   that used DMA basically would have gone wrong!
         [CORE]    Re-organised source to use automake/autoheader
         [CORE]    Generator now auto-detects processor and adds other
                   optimisations for building source