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  • Generator was written by James Ponder
    • YM2612 chip emulation by Tatsuyuki Satoh
    • z80 emulation, one of:
      • Multi-Z80 CPU emulator by Neil Bradley (
      • Portable C version written by Edward Massey
      • RAZE z80 CPU emulator by Richard Mitton (home page)
  • Special thanks to Charles MacDonald
  • The Amiga version of Generator was written by Mathias Roslund
  • The MacOS version of Generator was written by Richard Bannister
  • The Windows and Dreamcast versions of Generator were written by Atani (the man with no name)
  • The pocket (iPaq / Cassiopeia) version of Generator was written by Domenico Dato
  • The logo was designed by Jonathan Hunt.

Linux users

Visit Linux Emu for all your emulation needs, and if Generator doesn't do what you're after, do check out Joe's linux port of DGen which could work better for you.