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The following shows screenshots of particular note.

This is Ecco II and is demonstrating horizontal shifting. Every line is shifted to create a rippling effect.
This is again Ecco II, this time showing what occurs when the emulator doesn't have a line renderer. The horizontal shifting is approximated and you end up with blocky movements.
This is the Sonic 1 title screen. Many emulators show Sonic above the banner instead of 'popping out' of it. The emulation required to do this involves emulating the hardware limit of the Genesis to only display a certain number of sprites per scanline.
This is the Sonic 2 title screen. Just like Sonic 1, many emulators show Sonic and Tails above the banner instead of 'popping out'. This time the cause is the improper emulation of sprite priorities.
This is the Sonic 1 Marble Zone. This demonstrates the situation when the priorities as dictated by the LinkData order conflict with the priority bits contained in the sprites themselves. Note that the high (layer) priority sprite has been masked by the low (layer) priority sprite to create a 'cut out' portion of the sprite.
This is the Sonic 1 Marble Zone again, this time with the low priority layers removed. See also how Sonic's foot has caused part of the grass to be masked?
This is Wolfchild. Quite a lot of emulators fail to implement the DMA properly and instead of this nice display the whole screen is corrupt. As far as I remember, there is actually a bug in Wolfchild, so it's not surprising emulators get this wrong.
This is the Traveller's Tales logo. Many emulators do not render this correctly as it uses hilight/shadow features.
This is Columns, inside 3in1 cartridge. Many emulators cannot play this game beyond the menu screen due to lack of proper controller support. Another common problem is the score fails to work properly, due to a quirk of the real 68000.
(png) This is wbug by Charles MacDonald. It is a test cartridge to demonstrate the window bug of the VDP hardware. Notice how the 2345 has become 4545 to the right of the window area (shown as a grey box).
This is Ecco II 'Sky Tides' stage. This screen uses horizontal and vertical scrolling plus shadow and hilights.
This is the tcl/tk interface.
This is the console interface (very early version).