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Welcome! The latest version of Generator (base) is 0.35 (May 2003).
Latest Christian Biere patch for unix/gtk users is generator-0.35-cbiere-r4 (August 2008).

If you like Generator, please consider donating via paypal.

July 24th 2004: For unix/gtk users take a look at Christian Biere's great patch (site currently offline) [Mirror] - it adds gzip and bzip2 support, XVideo hardware acceleration, full-screen mode and SDL audio compatibility, amongst others. Wow, thanks Christian. He also says that Generator compiles fine with the new gcc 3.4 and this even fixes MegaTurrican and Zoop!

May 13th 2003: It's officially not a bug in Generator, but a problem with gcc 3 - this bug and this bug detail a regression in global register support. Until this is sorted, you should use gcc 2.95 to compile Generator.

May 7th 2003: Generator 0.35 has been released - new features include AVI output, support for Game Genie (Genecyst patch files), low-pass sound filter, SDL joystick support, and many emulation improvements.

I have uploaded the DOS cross-compiled version, however it doesn't work on my XP (nor do any of the previous versions), but I think it's compiled ok. Let me know if it does or doesn't work :)

May 6th 2003: Warning! Generator has been found NOT to compile correctly with gcc 3.2.3 - if you do, it'll seem to be ok, but various games will have emulation errors.

May 5th 2003: CVS snapshots are now available.